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The Second Child

By Charlie Kondek

Fatherhood changed my life. I think we use that phrase a lot, about all kinds of things that happen to us, without ever really considering the gravity of an actual, life-changing event. We feel our lives are changed, that we are different people, when we hear certain music, see certain films, read certain books, have certain epiphanies. We recall them later in florid, inflated memory; “I remember exactly where I was when that happened. It changed my life.” But we do not fully experience the vertigo of a life-changing event until we have really fallen down that well. Fatherhood changed my life. Twice.

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Local Color: Down My Local

By Charlie Kondek

I want to tell you about this new web-based “zine,” Local Color, and to do so I want to invite you inside my head for a moment.

It’s a colorful place at times. Several of my fantasies are colliding at once with my realities. First of all, I am thinking of this as an “origin story.” Any nerd knows that in the origin story, you start out as an ordinary person who falls into a vat of radioactive yogurt or is sucked through a quantum straw and comes out the other side with fabulous super powers, abilities that perhaps you yourself don’t understand yet. But this is a “team book,” which means that when each member of the team meets, they at first mistake each other for villains and have a tremendous, building-leveling, non-lethal brawl before realizing, oh, wait, we were on the same side the whole time. That makes me Professor Xavier to the zine’s X-Men. No, wait, I’m Batman. No, Captain America. Doc Savage? Continue reading