Local Color was born out of my desire to give myself and other writers in my circle an outlet for writing. All the contributors, at its inception, knew each other from an internet message board. Some of us have known each other for years. We’re from all over the world – North America, the UK, the Antipodes, India, Asia, South and Latin America, mainland Europe – but the internet has made us all local to each other. And what this magazine – or “zine,” or “blog,” or what have you – is about is exactly what any of these local colorfuls wants to write about. We are interested in literature, film, music, sports, politics, video games, comic books, mental health, spirituality, emotion, ideas, sex, philosophy… most of all, we are interested in words, and interested in what each of us wants to do with them. (Charlie Kondek, Publisher)

Contact Us: jaynova at rocketmail dot com


Charlie Kondek, Publisher – Charlie Kondek is a writer from Michigan. He has worked in journalism, advertising and currently works in public relations. His freelance writing includes pieces for Badazz Mofo and Kendo World. He seeks an agent and publisher for his novel.

Jason Novak, Editor-in-Chief – The American Jason, AKA jaynova, AKA J. Robert Novak, is a writing Tutor at a local college in Canton, Ohio, as well as a writer. He frequently writes book reviews for The Ohioana Quarterly, and has his own blog, The Most High and Holy Church of jaynova.

Jason Towers, Editor-in-Chief, Web guy – The Australian Jason is a designer and occasional writer. In a past life he was a commercial artist. Currently he’s combining study with freelance work. He’d rather be travelling.

Pål Hellesnes, Contributor – a 30-something Norwegian with a Master’s in history and a long history of politcal activism. Interested in music, comics, literature and
other stuff that catches his imagination.

Yining Su, Contributor – a self-described “Geeky Chinese Girl” from Montreal.

Vasudha Shankar, Contributor – Vasudha Shankar is would-be-starving-artist from India studying psychology on the side and working in a non-related job to survive.

Christian Verotik, Contributor – Born in 1931 to a human female and a Zeta Reticulan, Christian was one of the world’s very first hybrids. Due to his unique genetic heritage, he is privy to occult information hidden from most of the rest of the world. Not because his Third Eye is any more attuned to the 11th dimension than anyone else’s, but simply because of genetics. When not found hobnobbing with the Lost Generation, Christian can be found at his altars to John A. Keel, Robert Anton Wilson, and Grant Morrison. Christian hopes to bring about transubstantiation of the entire human race someday, preferably before Christmas 2012. He lives in a strange, dark, cold place with his pet Gef, the Talking Mongoose. If you ever meet Christian, you’ll want to turn around and run in the opposite direction immediately. By now, you’ve probably guessed that he is a Pisces.

David Barnett, Contributor – A twenty something whose expertise is legendary in many unknown fields of human inquiry. Hails all the way from Wales, but don’t hold it against him. When he is not writing he is plotting, against what he still knows not.


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